Our Council

We will continue to work within our income – no council is allowed to run up a budget deficit –unlike Government or other parts of the public sector. We can only spend the money we have.

This means we will review our services and with reduced income, we will have to reduce what we do. We will have to cut back or stop some of our services – we just don’t have the money. Some help and support provided in the past will no longer be there. And we will look at raising charges, or charging to cover our costs for the first time – we just do not have a choice.

But we will also be looking to invest in areas where it could save us money, protecting our front-line spending.

  • We will look to invest in voluntary and community groups where they support our services
  • We will look to invest in the provision of information and support so individuals and communities can help themselves instead of relying on our services
  • We will work with partners to invest in the right areas to be effective, efficient and to share costs
  • We will also invest in our communities, building ‘hubs’ where we can share buildings with partners and voluntary groups, as well as providing commercial space. That will mean we can sell off buildings we no longer need and use that money to support our other services

Our strategic approach is to invest wherever we can to support our frontline services, to work with partners to cut our own costs, to look at our own workings so our back office is as efficient as possible to support our frontline, statutory services.

We will look to invest in voluntary and community groups where they support our services


And investing in front-line services is what we are all about – to deliver our Vision, to reduce inequalities, to work more closely and co-operate with partners to deliver the best services we can with the reduced funding we have.

RSG is the major Government grant that can be used to fund Council running costs and services


A sustainable council

Developing businessesReducing property portfolioLiving within our means
Developing businesses – We will provide more opportunities for local suppliers to provide services to SCC; We will ensure that more of SCC contracts deliver a real social benefit to our communities
Reduce the number of buildings we operate to free up funding for frontline services – we will do this by creating hubs in our communities where we can share space with our partners to provide a “one-stop shop” for our residents
Living within our means – We will ensure that by 2020 when Government ends its funding for our day-to-day services, we will be in a sustainable financial position