Our Adult Services

Our biggest budget area, looking after vulnerable adults and our elderly population, is hugely rewarding. We will work with our health partners to ‘join-up’ and modernise our services to make life easier for those who need help.

We know that most people would rather be able to look after themselves than rely on Council or other help providers. Sometimes people just don’t know where to look, can’t find what they need or just don’t realise that their lifestyle choices can have dramatic impacts on their lives – and the lives of others. Healthy lifestyle choices, getting regular exercise and enjoying yourself, at the same time will reduce the chances of needing care and support in the future.

…most people would rather be able to look after themselves than rely on Council or other help providers



We have a twin-tracked strategic approach to supporting our vulnerable adults population.

  • First, to work with our health colleagues to make sure we join up NHS and social care services far more closely, focussing on what patients and customers need most
  • Secondly, we will work together to provide the information, help and advice you need to make informed choices – to help you help yourself. If you or a member of your family needs help, we want you to be able to find it quickly and easily – and for that information to really make a difference to you

We also want more people to have control over their own budgets and funding to make the choices they want, when they want. 

We want to work with residents and the community to help people stay independent for as long as possible – providing community-based support, alongside informal networks of families, community and voluntary groups. Our Health and Well-being Board has an important part to play here – using its skills to target the right support to the right people in the right areas. This involves identifying all opportunities to narrow the gap between people living in affluent areas compared to those living in poorer areas where there can be social, economic and health inequalities.

The key to our approach is giving you every opportunity to help yourself while ensuring that we are there when you really need us.


Adults’ social care

Helping peoplePeoples choices Keeping people safe
Helping vulnerable and elderly people – We will make it easier for people to access support in their own communities and provide better information and support to help individuals stay in their own homes for longer
Giving people the choices they want – We will enable more people to use their personal budgets
Keep vulnerable and elderly people safe – We will increase public awareness of safeguarding issues and how to report concerns

Adults health and wellbeing

Long term preventionJoining up
Long term prevention – We will reduce early deaths from preventable causes
Joining up we commit to integrate NHS and care services to provide better results for our residents