Somerset has a great track record for attracting investment to boost jobs and our local economy.

With the Hinkley Point C development we are poised to see one of the biggest construction projects in Europe right here on our doorstep. It will bring jobs, skills training, and investment as well as giving huge opportunities for a supply chain that stretches across Somerset and the South West. Communities will benefit to the tune of millions of pounds throughout the life of the power station – and we will do everything we can to ensure the build minimises disruption while the benefits reach out across the County.

Hinkley Point C development we are poised to see one of the biggest construction projects in Europe right here on our doorstep


Jobs, businesses and growth are key to our economy, and key to the future of Somerset. As a county council, we work hard to secure the vital infrastructure that will make Somerset attractive to investors and encourage expanding firms to stay in our county. 

The Government has committed to bring major investment to the A303 and A358 – vital boosts to our economy. This is welcome but we will not stop there – we want to achieve the potential for rail and other transport improvements to work alongside this, as well as the key digital platforms, broadband and mobile phone coverage, we will fight for Somerset.

With the backing of our Local Enterprise Partnership, we will work hard to reduce economic inequalities.  People in more deprived areas struggle to find good quality jobs and we will look to identify opportunities to boost investment, employment and training in these areas.

We are also asking for further powers to be devolved from government to help us generate even more for our local economy. Somerset is taking the lead in conversations across the South West and at the heart of Westminster to ensure that Somerset is a vibrant home for business.

This will help us generate the income and capacity to deliver our Vision – more homes, more businesses, more investment in Somerset, more opportunities for all our residents and businesses.


Economic Development

Helping small businessesHelping business succeed
We will work with our Partners to bring more  start-ups and attract new business into Somerset
Helping business succeed – We will work with partners to deliver the benefits of the Somerset Growth Plan – more jobs, more enterprise centres, more homes, better education and increased productivity

Infrastructure and workforce

Connecting our communitiesKeeping roads safeOpportunities for young peopleMajor infrastructure projects
Connecting our communities –We will work with our partners to enable more than 300,000 business, homes and communities across the region to be able to access superfast broadband
Keeping roads safe – We will maintain our highways to allow our communities to travel safely and invest in our street lighting to help reduce Somerset’s carbon footprint
Opportunities for young people – We will recruit 150 apprentices a year in SCC and work with colleges across Somerset to provide more apprenticeships each year across the county
Major infrastructure projects – We will keep pressure on the Government to deliver nationally important schemes such as the A303/358 improvements. And we will deliver key projects such as the proposed development of Junction 25 off the M5 to enable businesses to take advantage of a strategic site